Corporate Information Technology Trainings

Depar İnformation Technologies offers latest technology, market-leading trainings, under the brand of Depar Academy and Ministry of Education license.
We offer Information Technologies training services that will meet corporate needs, increase work efficiency and profitability, by analyzing corporate training needs and combining them with our consultants’ field experience.

Our consultancy team consists of experienced consultants with required certifications and field experience.


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    Office Trainings

    A huge number of documents, data input and output produced to meet corporate needs is constantly changing. Using computers fast and effectively by keeping up-to-date with today’s Infoırmation Technologies not only increases efficiency but also saves cost and time greatly.

    With trainings for the latest versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook etc, it will be easier to make charts, to prepare reports and presentations, to analyze and present data in a comprehensible way, to turn complicated numbers into clear charts and to get results.

    • Microsoft Office
    • Google Gsuite
    • Apache Openoffice
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    System and Network Trainings

    System Specialist Trainings are created in order to determine need of medium and large scale networks, to install and manage systems safely and to provide technical support.

    In System Specialist and Network trainings, methods of designing and installation, management and securty from the basic to advance levels to be used in from two-computer networks to those with thousands of computers are covered.

    In our System Trainings, you can find Microsoft System Trainings, Linux Trainings, VMware Trainings, HP Trainings. Cisco Networking, CheckPoint Trainings, Huawei Trainings are available in Network Trainings.

    • Redhat
    • Linux
    • Windows
    • Azure
    • Cloud
    • PowerShell
    • Windows Server
    • Office 365
    • Exchange Server
    • İnternet İnformation Services
    • System Center
    • Skype For Business
    • Virtualization
    • Sharepoint
    • Cisco
    • Hp
    • Huawei
    • Checkpoint
    • Vmware
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    Software, Mobile and Database Trainings

    The main scheme of companies and also our lives depends on processing and using data in the most correct way. Analyzing a data related to a field and then develoing a new system with this date can add great value to life.

    With software and database trainings, you can help your enterprise produce more efficient work in many fields and manage time better.

    • Software Development
    • Microsoft Development Fundamentals
    • Microsoft Visual Studio
    • Microsoft Xamarin
    • Mobile Development
    • Docker
    • Software Testing
    • Microsoft SQL Server
    • Oracle
    • Java
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    Data Security Trainings

    Thanks to our Data Security Trainings, we prevent the data and knowledge of institutions that are created as a result of years of efforts from being accessed, used, modified, deleted, handed over or damaged without authorization. In order to ensure your company’s data security, these trainings offer professional solutions in terms of confidentiality, integrity and accessibility.

    • Data Security
    • Corporate Security
    • High Level Cyber Security
    • Network Security Administrator
    • Penetration Tests
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    Project Management Trainings

    Successfully completed projects are the works that ensures the profitability of enterprise investments the most. One of the most important things for companies and company managers is how projects are managed successfully. With Project Management Trainings, you can obtain Project Management principles and techniques, define critical roles, determine correct strategies and manage your projects with flexible, efficient, practical time and cost measurement methods.

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    Designing Trainings

    With our Designing Trainings, we ensure the training of the personnel needed today  in every sector with a clear-cut job definition. Through many different designing software, it is possible to design and draw fashion, toys, products, goods, pattern or animation.

    After determining your designing needs, you can take design trainings for your team regardless of any product.

    • Grafic – Web
    • Adobe
    • Autodesk
    • Cad / Cam
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    Digital Marketing Training

    Management of brands images on social media and websites has to be managed with many parameters and in harmony in order to keep a track of their communication with their followers. For this reason, Digital Marketing Trainings contain more than one topic.

    Digital Marketing Trainings cover sub-topics such as Digital Marketing Channels
    & Campaigns, Seo (search engine optimisation), Google Analytics trainings and content creation.

    You can manage your company’s website, social media and many other operations. You can also train your team to create a stronger brand awareness by using completely online media tools.

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    Information Technology Service Management Training

    Software Projects and Information Technologies are vital elements of today and they become even more important as a result of constantly changing dynamics. Apart from creating values supporting work strategies to meet all expectations, these trainings aim to teach management terminology, processes, functions, tools and techniques to those who want to specialize in service management.

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