Consultancy Services

From the first stages of your project to the completion, we offer consultancy service to determine current and potential threats and present solutions. With our consultancy services and qualified personnel, combined with our know-how, we provide designing, software and digital marketing solutions.

We create a service framework with our suitable analysis, project plans and resources for your projects.


Consultancy Services | Software Solutions

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Web Software Consultancy

With our Web software consultancy services, we create responsive web sites with an exzclusive and modern design, developed for user experience, and offer consultancy for many critical fields such as Seo optimisation and integration. We understand your problems and needs, provide solutions through analysisia dn offer you ready-to-go software. You can contact us for soecialized software for e-trade or your sector.
  • E-Trade Applications
  • CRM Applications
  • ERP Applications
  • Corporate Websites

Mobile Software Consultancy

Depar Information Technologies developes platform-exclusive mobile software such as Android and IOS. In addition to developing sotfware that can be integrated to all business structures used by enterprises, user-friendly and specialized designs are also created. Innovative technologies and related trainings and documentation are also provided.
  • Android Applications
  • Iphone Applications
  • Cross Platform Applications
  • Hybrid Platform Applications

See example:

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Consultancy Services | Designing Solutions

Website Designing

Just like you are impressed by the physical environment of an enterprise, the digital environment should be equally impressive. We create corporate website designs that will catch your customers’ attention.

Our Website designing services are summarized as follows:

  • User Experience Analysis (UX Design)
  • Suitable Design for User Experience (UI Design)
  • Easy-to-use, Ready System Designs
  • Web design
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Mobile application design

We offer appealing designs for your mobile applications (Android& IOS). We create these designs in a way that they reflect your corporate identity in the best way possible and convert them to vectors, even the icons.

Some examples of our work:

  • 3d Pay Mobil Application Design
  • Mobil Application Design in Games
  • Ertürk Lines Mobil Application Design
  • Uçak Bul Mobil Application Design

Corporate Identity Design

One of the most important components of an enterprise is the corporate identity which has to reflect the company and has to be unique. Your corporate identity adds the most to your branding and market awareness.

In that sense, unique designs are created, emphasizing all elements to best reflect your products, from the color shades to fonts, logos and business cards.

In addition to corporate identitiy designs, we also help you with your designs for social media and website banners, mailing designs and digital advertising.

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Consultancy Services | Digital Marketing Solutions


Search Engine Optimization

Search engines use a structure that operates with algorithms while listing search results. For this reason, hosting providers and web developers have to create their webpages bt taking these details into consideration.

Seo is the group of organizing, development and optimisation operations of search engines (google, yandex, bing vb.)  for your corporate website. In short words, Seo means appearing in higher places in search engines, without advertising.

It is necessary to cover, assess and finalize all servers, software, content and the company’s needs to be managed within these operations as a whole.

Search Engine Marketing

Sem is a service that helps products or services offered by companies or institutions to be more accessible and available through advertisements placed in search engines on the internet.

Not less important than television, radio or billboard advertising, online advertising maximizes companies’ accessibility and sales figures on the internet, especially through adwords structure offered by Google. If used and configured correctly, adwords functions as a platform offering less expensive and more measurable results, creating an advantage compared to conventional advertising (television, radio, billboards etc).

Depar BT is a certified institution, qualified in all Adwords advertising types.
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Consultancy Services | Data Security Solutions

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With the rapidly advancing technology, the importance of data security increased at the same rate. We offer data security services to create a sustainable reliability for you and your company in accordance with ISO 27001,ISO 9001, ISO 22301, ISO 10002 and KVKK.

  • Network Pentest
  • Web Applications Pentest
  • DOS/DDOS Test
  • Social Engineering Test
  • Phishing Test
  • Wireless Network Test
  • Mobile Application Test